The Growing Concern Over Facebook's Privacy Policies

Zuckerberg and crew face more and more scrutiny due to their stance on privacy. Because of the latest outcry by the public and pressure by some U.S. Congressmen, Facebook has decided to revise their privacy policy.

Tracking Your Every Move

Are you aware of Facebook's internal policy to allow third parties to track your browsing habits? Those icons and buttons you see on third party websites like do just that.

Your viewing habits, conversations, likes, dislikes, videos, picture viewing, when you upload, when you log on, where you go, what you like to see, who you like to visit and chat with, is all being tracked so marketing companies can find a way to sell you some type of product or service.

They're even using personal comments between friends to automatically create advertisements. The reasoning goes like this: "If user A tells user B about a product, let's quote them on it and spam all their friends with the ad. That way, the ad gains immediate credibility and it's worth more to the advertiser."

It's Your Problem, Not Theirs

Facebook has made it perfectly clear in their user policy that they have "no control" over how your private information is being used by the 550,000+ 3rd party applications available on Facebook. They are simply not responsible for your information that's extracted from these particular applications.

Had Enough Yet?

Put simply, we're not going to treat you like that. We actually respect your privacy and right to communicate with friends without milking every drop of profit out of you.

INCLIQ was created for people like you, who are sick and tired of Facebook abuse. Our system is designed to make it impossible for us to track you - it's all peer-to-peer - so you can rest assured that your privacy is being respected.

If you need anymore evidence of how Facebook views you as a user, read this. Don't take our word for it - Gizmodo gives you 10 great reasons to quit Facebook and even more reasons why you should quit Facebook.

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